Recollections, for trombone and loop pedal

Recollections title page.jpg
Recollections title page.jpg

Recollections, for trombone and loop pedal


This piece was written in the winter and spring of 2019. Recollections is intended to be a set of memories from any generic period of time of someone’s life, that one has hints of through the course of the day. The piece starts with a waking of sorts, followed by a growing storm of memories and thoughts, eventually calming again with gentle canon.

This piece was written with the BOSS RC-300 Loop Pedal specifically in mind. However, it can be performed with any loop pedal with the following capabilities:

- Three independent channels capable of varying lengths, with tempo and loop sync.

- Microphone input.

- Headphone output for monitoring and additional click/rhythm track for time


- Transposition function capable of adding a minor third to the input.

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